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The way you start your day leaves an immense impact on your attitude, your liveliness, your focus, and your overall wellness for the entire day. And so, many studies have emphasized the need for establishing morning routines to have your entire day go well. Apart from having structured plan to begin your day, starting your day on a healthy note increases the probability of having a great day and to attain many health benefits.

Although the ‘one size fits all’ theory may be slightly different here, research shows a pattern of morning routine rituals that have helped people gain success in various areas in life, along with gaining holistic wellness.

Habits are said to lay a strong foundation to the successful building of one’s life, and so, it is necessary that you cultivate a morning healthy ritual that is bound to offer you quite a few wellness benefits. Here are a few clinically-proven morning habits that help you focus and tackle your undertakings in a much better way.

  1. Wake Up A Few Minutes Early – A healthy morning routine needs you to do a couple of things that require time, and to avoid rushing with your other morning chores and leaving for work on time, you will have to adjust your wake up alarm a few minutes earlier than your current wake-up time. A few days into the routine of waking up early will make it a healthy habit leaving you with enough time to start your day on a fine feather. Just ensure, you do not hit the snooze button.
  2. Start Your Day With Warm Lemon Water – Your body gets dehydrated after the long sleep hours, and it needs to keep working the entire day. Treat your body first in the morning with a glass of warm lemon water to activate the liver for bile that aids in better digestion, to flush out the toxins, to prevent constipation as lemon juice is an active laxative, and the Vitamin C keeps you rejuvenated the entire day. Add a teaspoon of pure honey if you do not like the taste of only lemon juice.
  3. Schedule A 30-Minute Exercise Routine – Stretching your body in the morning improves flexibility and keeps you active and in motion the entire day. The muscles that lose tone during sleep get back to their positions with stretching and exercising and the fluids rush through the entire body. Include cardio, weights, HIIT, yoga, meditation, and other forms of physical activity that is convenient for you in your schedule. If none of these vigorous exercises workout for you, take a early morning brisk stroll, while the fresh air and sunshine keeps your stress and health issues at bay.
  4. Have A Wholesome Breakfast –With so many things to do in the mornings with serious time constraints, breakfast is probably the last thing on our minds. However, science has proven that having a wholesome breakfast is important as it kick starts our metabolic cycle for the day, provides nutrients and energy to commence your day’s tasks, helps burn the calories, and improves concentration. No wonder breakfast is called the most important meal of the day! Have a nutritious filling breakfast like a vegetable omelet, cereals with fruits, etc., that are low in sugar and fat.
  5. Take Few Minutes Out For Your Day Ahead – Although it is always recommended that you plan your day a night prior, ensure that all the stuff you need to run the entire day is set well. If you have too many things to remember, write them down. Set small goals for the day, and keep a list of the things you need to purchase on your way back home. Have everything organized so you don’t have to come back all tired from work to a cluttered place.

It does take time to make a new habit, and if it is something healthy, it might be even tougher, but it is definitely worth all the hard work to establish a healthy morning routine. Once this pattern is incorporated into your everyday regime, it will help you flourish – physically, mentally, and emotionally. is a corporate wellness platform that offers various wellness programs that help improve employee health and productivity, while enhancing the organizational productivity. Our programs come with different wellness challenges and activities that focus on creating a positive culture of health at the workplace and also help the users achieve holistic wellness.

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