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Every dollar spent needs to be used towards the right activities and in the best possible way to ensure a better value to the investment. And, funding towards corporate wellness programs is one of the most competent channels to put your smart money to the most beneficial use. The primary intent of these wellness programs is to improve employee health and organizational productivity, and so, the core of an effective program needs to bring into play activities like wellness challenges that focus on various health aspects of the users and help them enhance their overall well-being.

Workplace Wellness Challenges

To start with, wellness challenges, also known as wellness campaigns, are activities adding a significant structure to the employee wellness program as they help the users gain insights about their health quotient, adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors, and practice good habits that contribute towards their overall wellbeing.

What’s more about these worksite challenges is that apart from helping employees follow as well as maintain healthy eating and exercise habits, they also work towards promoting the culture of health at your workplace. With a positive and healthy workplace, employee behaviors improve, and their health risks reduce, thus, decreasing the rate of absenteeism, and better employee productivity.

What Makes An Effective Wellness Challenge?

Every wellness challenge that is put forth to the employees through the corporate wellness program needs to serve the purpose of changing their way of living for the better, and so, a lot of study about the employee health factors and behaviors need to be considered before a wellness campaign is created for a certain user group.

A wellness challenge of doing 50 squats a day may not go well with an older age user group and it may have less engagement and not many positive results

Here are a couple of pointers about the challenges that need to be considered by the employers and the wellness program admins for creating an effective wellness campaign – 

  1.  Should be on par with employee’s interests.
  2. Help them gain awareness about their health state.
  3. Educate them about the benefits of the challenges.
  4. Motivate them to participate and change for the better.
  5. Include skills and approaches to help users learn more.
  6. Provide tools for the users for easy engagement.
  7. Encourage them to go on with incentives and rewards.

In short, an effective wellness challenge is one that reaches and draws the attention of a majority of the users and leaves a convincing impact on them, urging them to keep continue with these habits for a long time, therefore, improving their health and well-being.

How To Create An Effective Wellness Campaign?

It is definitely not easy to create a perfectly efficient wellness challenge. However, to have a lasting impact on the health and productivity of the employees, you need to come up with corporate wellness program ideas that boost employee engagement and improve workplace health.

Since working on your own towards attaining wellness is probably not very interesting, a team-based wellness challenge is of the more reliable employee engagement strategies. Including competitive challenges that are fun is a great way of attracting and motivating users to participate in the challenge and to keep going with it until they reach their goals.

At, we sketch a simple and strategically designed protocol to help create wellness challenges that are not just effective, but also bring a great value on investment.

At the start and the end of the challenge, the users can have an in-detailed report about their health aspects and have a better clue on how the challenge is helping them to improve.

Also, available with our corporate wellness program is the access to various online courses and coaching sessions that help the users gain better insights about their troubled health areas and reap more benefits with personalized wellness tips.

We also understand that no two employees are the same, and so, our wellness challenges throw the spotlights various health and wellness elements to help all the individuals stay in their top-form and to achieve holistic wellness.

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