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Want to know what’s the best secret for having a healthy body and a calm mind? Undoubtedly, it is a good nutritious diet, enough physical activity, and an abundance of common sense. Good nutrition has been linked with many positive characteristics and behavioral attributes of people and has been concluded to be an essential and integral part of overall well being. The term ‘Nutrition’ has been often been associated with food-related stuff only, but the fact is that a nutritious healthy diet, when blended with enough physical activity, is crucial to keep the body fit and active.

With health, fitness, and wellness becoming a popular trend across the globe, most corporate organizations have also started taking steps to indulge in corporate wellness programs. These programs offer health benefits to employees by promoting employee engagement, and in turn, improving organizational productivity. PMFHealth is a comprehensive wellness program that helps businesses work towards their workplace wellness with various wellness program ideas, activities, challenges, etc., along with HRA screening, trackers, etc.

What Exactly Is Good Nutrition?

As put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO), Good Nutrition is the adequate intake of a well-balanced diet, which when combined with the right amount of physical activity lays the foundation for a healthy body and good health. A good nutrition plan aims to provide all the needed nutrients to the human body that assist in growth, building new muscle tissue, repairing of the body tissue, apart from providing the strength to meet the daily needs. For these phenomena to be carried out properly, it is essential to get the right amount of nutrients from different food groups.

Why Nutrition Plays A Crucial Part In Overall Wellness?

Nutrition facts show that almost 1/3rd of the adult American citizens are being diagnosed with obesity, and unhealthy food habits along with unusual lifestyle habits have been declared the primary reasons for it. Despite having the right height and weight for their age, having a less nutritious diet with very less or no physical activity, was found to be associated with major health risks including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, and other malnutrition-related disorders. Experts suggest food included from all food groups consumed in their healthier versions, along with an average of at least 150 – 300 minutes of physical movement for the entire week is required to maintain a healthy weight.

Energize Your Body With The Right Fuel

It is crucial to realize that your body is your temple, and you need to provide the precious nourishment that it deserves. Self-care in the right sense when blended with a nutritious diet and physical activity is an amazing way to the overall physical and mental wellness of an individual. The best way to add the right nutrients to your body is by incorporating nutrient-dense foods in your everyday diet. Good nutrition with the right foods work like the right fuel and provide the required energy to the body, and the right physical exercise helps release endorphins, pump more blood to the muscles, increasing the overall blood flow that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the organs ensuring proper bodily functions, stronger bones & muscles, better skin health, more energy levels, and the overall feeling of goodness.

A nutritious diet, when combined with enough physical activity and exercise, is essential to have a healthy and fit body. The food choices that you make today will leave an impact on your physical health and mind state today and in your future. What you put in your mouth and what you do with your body affects what happens in your mind and your entire body. So beware!! At PMFHealth, a corporate wellness program, we offer services and tools to ensure that the employees of your organization know, understand, and adopt a healthy diet menu along with regular physical activity, in a fun way, thus, improving your organizational productivity too.

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