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As important as physical health is, mental health and emotional wellness also play an equally major role in the overall wellbeing of an individual. How a person thinks, feels, and behaves affects their communication, performance, and health, and in turn, the overall workplace wellness too.

“Studies show that in the US, almost 1 in every 4 employees is diagnosed with a mental disorder, with anxiety being the most common issue affecting almost 18% of the people.”

Although often unrecognized or overlooked as an actual health issue, the mental illnesses go a long way in affecting the overall wellness of the person, and also affect their performance at work, thus impacting the organizational productivity too.

With a rise in the gravity of the mental health issue, the employee health and emotional state are affected, making them more isolated, lower self-confidence, more irritability, frequent fatigue, and more anxious, thus increasing the absenteeism rates, their focus, and performance at work, and the overall employee productivity.

Apart from the rising absenteeism rates and fall in productivity, mental illnesses also cost the companies a lot of money towards employee healthcare costs.

“According to a survey, depression alone costs the companies $24 billion towards healthcare expenses, whereas, almost $89 billion worth of productivity is lost annually by the organizations because of different mental health conditions.”

To overcome the productivity loss and avoidable healthcare costs, most corporate organizations have started promoting mental health benefits as a part of their corporate wellness programs, to keep the employees healthier and happier.

Here are some quick tips to help you foster better mental health for your workplace wellness.

Create A Good Culture Of Workplace Health

Since employees spend an average of 1/3rd of their everyday time at the workplace, creating a positive culture of health at the workplace is essential for overall employee health benefits. Gather information about their lifestyle habits, socializing interests, and other wellness factors to help cater to their health issues, and to help them have a better work-life balance while creating a healthy workplace culture.

Identify The Roots And Symptoms Of Any Mental Health Issues

Most mental health issues go undiagnosed in an early stage as the symptoms are often overlooked. Also, the social stigma surrounding mental illnesses hold back people from talking about it. Hold talks or educational sessions at the workplace to enlighten the employees about the symptoms of mental health issues and to help them deal with its analysis and treatment.

Some of the most common symptoms of mental health disorders are –

  • Social isolation
  • Low concentration & grasping power
  • Highly distracted and disturbed focus
  • Constant anxiousness and quickly irritable
  • Moody and frequent fatigue

Advocate Talking About Their Health Conditions

Mental health issues are usually considered a blemish or a taint on one’s self, and this social stigma prevents people from talking about it or taking any treatment measures. To avoid any possible mental health issues or to help sufferers overcome it, it is essential to have them understand and talk about it. As a part of the workplace wellness programs, arrange for one-on-one private talk sessions for the employees to converse about their issues with a professional, therapy sessions, and more, to encourage employees to identify, analyze, talk, and overcome their issues.

Make The Needed Changes For Better Workplace Health

For the employees to talk about their mental health issues, the employers and managers must build a level of trust with them. Only when the employees are comfortable with the employers, they will not step back on talking about personal issues. And the best way for employers to gain trust is to interact well with the employees. Include activities like yoga, meditation, etc., and mental wellness challenges that are fun, improve employee engagement, boost creativity, keep them active, and help improve mental health. Offer flexible working hours, and endorse healthy eating, sleeping, and lifestyle habits. is a one-stop destination for all your workplace wellness needs, and you can configure your wellness program according to the health and wellbeing demands of your organization. Along with the wellness challenges and activities, we also offer online coaching sessions, resources, daily tips, assessment reports, incentives, and more to focus on various wellness aspects including good physical and mental wellness, to improve employee health, boost organizational productivity, and help achieve holistic wellness.

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