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The global corporate wellness market has gone into a frenzy since the pandemic began. Employees and employers are more concerned now than ever about health and wellbeing. And so, many have started taking employee wellness programs seriously.

An Allied Market Research revealed that the global corporate wellness market is expected to touch the $66.2 billion mark by 2027. 

With the rising use of digital health solutions and telemedicine, employee wellness programs also need to be bolstered. The advancing wellness technology has made it easy to incorporate the latest workplace wellness software. Although the wellness platform was always there, corporate wellness apps have now become the new normal.

The Rise of Workplace Wellness Apps

The objective of corporate wellness programs is to promote fitness and healthy lifestyle habits, reflecting better productivity, reduced absenteeism, and overall workplace wellbeing. The workplace wellness apps can help employees monitor their wellness activities, track daily progress, log activity data, and other modules easily at any time, from anywhere.

In addition to making these wellness activities easy, the modern corporate wellness apps cater to holistic wellbeing. So, apart from tracking calorie intake, calories burned, sleep patterns, active minutes, distance traveled, and more, the apps must also support quizzes, games, and other gamification strategies to ensure high employee engagement and success.

Owing to all these benefits, a Shortlister study showed that almost 60% of employers are now having a corporate wellness app for their employee wellness program.

According to a Sensor Tower study, the global installs of wellness apps were expected to cross one billion by the end of 2021, a rough 42% increase from 2019.

The Future of Employee Wellbeing Apps

The recent stats and rising demand have made it clear that employee wellbeing programs will become the new normal soon. And so, corporate wellness apps have become an integral part of all robust and comprehensive employee wellness programs that focus on holistic wellbeing.

Since emotional, financial, and mental wellbeing has become critical for holistic health, they play a crucial role in determining the success of workplace wellness programs and corporate sustainability. Since good employee health and wellbeing lower healthcare costs and employee turnover rates, it will add to the business profits. Making it conveniently available through the corporate wellness apps will improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and boost the success rates of the wellbeing program.

The pandemic has limited in-person encounters, team outings, and other social activities, including health screenings and hospital visits. Thanks to AI, automation technology, and wellness software, almost everything is being done virtually. As organizations have turned towards wellness apps to improve employee wellbeing, there seems to be hope again about bringing health and wellbeing back on track.

With such high demand for corporate wellness apps, experts are very sure that these applications will soon become the new normal in the wellness market.

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