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Most employees usually spend an average of 40 hours a week at their workplace, which means they spend almost a quarter of their lifetime working. While it depicts their dedication towards the growth and prosperity of their organization, it also sheds light on why they are the company’s most valuable assets. To make sure such loyal and dedicated employees continue their contribution towards the business growth, the management and HR must ensure employee wellbeing and create a positive workplace culture.

Employee health and wellbeing trends are evolving, employers must make sure their corporate wellness programs are also evolving accordingly. As digital technology is advancing in every field, HR teams must upgrade their workplace technology and corporate wellness programs to ensure complete comfort and convenience to the entire workforce. Creating such positive workplace culture will create a healthy working ambiance, enhance employee engagement, and boost workplace productivity.

Here are some tips to upgrade your workplace that help in boosting employee engagement and workplace productivity –

Access to Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee wellbeing is an important factor that affects workplace productivity, engagement, and overall workplace culture. There is enough evidence proving that healthy employees are happy and productive employees. And so, employers must invest in well-designed corporate wellness programs to improve employee mental health and physical fitness. By staying active and stress-free, employees can bounce back at work freshly and energetically.

A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Culture

Most millennials believe in equal opportunity and diverse workplace culture as it implies that the workplace respects the individual culture and values of its workforce. Many organizations are now recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds – age groups, languages, geographical location, gender, and many other parameters. Having a diverse and inclusive workplace culture signifies that every employee is appreciated, respected, and accepted, irrespective of their beliefs and holistic wellbeing.

Changes at the Workplace

As employees spend most of their time at the workplace, positive workplace culture and ambiance can motivate the workforce. Replace the work desks with ergonomic furniture. Change the lighting to create a soothing and comforting atmosphere. Replace unhealthy food in the office pantry with healthy snack and meal options. Post positive quotes around the workplace as a reminder to boost employee holistic wellbeing. When the employees are happy with the working environment, the absenteeism rates reduce, and productivity increases.

Rewards and Incentives

When employees are recognized for their accomplishments and appreciated, they are bound to do better. Acknowledging their efforts to achieve the business goals will keep the employees engaged and motivated to do well consistently. It also boosts their loyalty and dedication towards their work and workplace. Similarly, employees must also be rewarded for achieving their wellness challenges goals and corporate wellenss program targets. Employers can consider simple rewards and incentives like paid vacations, team lunches, branded merchandise, gift cards, and likewise, depending on the company budget.

Boosting Social Wellness and Employee Engagement

Boosting social wellness and employee engagement within the workplace can build stronger teams, reflecting better workplace productivity. As employees start communicating and working well with each other, they can resolve issues and achieve business goals in a much better way. Also, smooth communication channels amongst employees allow easy sharing of ideas and interact better daily to carry out their workplace tasks, boosting workplace productivity and employee engagement.

So, ultimately upgrading the workplace in line with the evolving trends can be a win-win situation for the employees and employers.

Seek employee feedback to know their health and wellbeing interests and address them by including the needed employee wellness solutions in the corporate wellness programs. Likewise, conduct pulse surveys or employee engagement surveys to know what kind of upgrades and changes the workforce is expecting, and implement them at the workplace. If the employees are working remotely, identify their needs and approach them accordingly. As employees are happy, healthy, and comfortable at the workplace, it will lead to better employee engagement and workplace productivity.

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