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Corporate Wellness technology

As employee health and wellbeing have become a top priority for many organizations, many employers are implementing suitable employee wellness programs. The key objective of these wellbeing programs is to boost employee engagement, enhance employee wellbeing, workplace productivity, and overall business growth.

For the employee wellness programs to meet the employee health and wellbeing needs, its modules must be supported by the latest corporate wellness technology and must be in line with the latest health and wellbeing trends.

Wellness Program Vendors to the Rescue

Although organizations are looking forward to implementing workplace wellness programs, many of them are not aware of where to start from and how to proceed. This is when wellness program vendors come to the rescue. The wellness program providers are professionals who are aware of how the corporate wellness market works. Right from identifying the latest corporate wellness trends to understanding the best strategies for a successful and engaging employee wellness program, they do it all.

Finding the Best Wellness Program Provider

As the need for corporate wellness programs is skyrocketing, many new providers are blooming in the corporate wellness market. However, not all are doing an ideal job. While some may charge high, some may not offer the right wellness modules. Since offering corporate wellness programs has become important employee recruitment and retention tool. So, if you do not implement one since choosing a good vendor or implementing the program yourself seems daunting, you might lose the competitive edge in the market. So choosing the right wellness program vendor who provides the best-suited wellness program platform and other modules is crucial.

Since corporate wellness technology is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing the wellness program providers, here are a few ‘must haves’ to be weighed.

The Key Features of Workplace Wellness Software

Before making the big decision about choosing the workplace wellness software, employers must consider these important factors and all its details to know if it’s the best-suited one for your organization’s employee health and wellbeing.

  1. The Wellness Provider’s Know-Hows

Many wellness program vendors also provide the program modules along with the corporate wellness software. Sadly, most of them have the same modules and features for all their clients, which makes you no different from your competitors. So, understand what your workplace wellness program needs – only the corporate wellness technology or the modules too. If you are looking for a vendor who provides wellness software and modules, check if they can customize it to meet your company’s specific health and wellbeing requirements.

2. Wellness Portal Security

Employee wellness portals store a lot of personal data and information about employee health and other conditions. So, to make sure all the sensitive information is in trustworthy hands, check if the corporate wellness portal is compatible with the advanced security measures. Also, know if the wellness program provider abides by the HIPAA and other legal regulations.

3. Third-Party Integrations

To make sure the wellness program platform and other wellness software are compatible with the latest technology, it must be able to integrate with other third-party solutions. Be it with the other EAP systems, fitness devices, or tracking apps, the corporate wellness technology must be scalable to integrate with other required third-party wellness software. These seamless third-party integrations are important for wellness program engagement as they can support content libraries, incentive management, and more.

4. Dashboard and Analytics

Unless employees and employers know the program’s progress, they will not know its impact. The dashboard of the wellness portal must offer clean navigation and interactive options to boost user experience. Along with an interactive dashboard, the platform must also provide all the required analytics, reports, and outcomes for the employees to know their progress and for the administrators to understand the loopholes and advancement. With graphical representations and in-depth analytics, employees and admins can know where to improve.

5. Gamification

If the wellness program is not fun, it might not run for a long time. Adding gamification aspects to the wellness program activities and corporate wellness challenges can make them fun and exciting, and also boost employee engagement. Be it through device integrations, rewards and incentives, quizzes, or wellness challenge ideas, employers can include different gamification factors to make the program interesting and exciting for the employees.

6. Corporate Wellness Challenge Ideas

Workplace wellness challenges are an integral part of most comprehensive employee wellness programs. However, having a one-size-fits-all approach with the workplace wellness challenges and other modules will not help much. So, it is important to have customizable corporate wellness challenge ideas that can help employees focus on different holistic wellbeing dimensions. Depending on the specific employee health and wellness needs, the admins or the workforce can assign or choose the right wellness challenge activities.

7. Exclusive Wellness Portals for Admins and Users

While the corporate wellness programs mainly focus on improving employee health and wellbeing, the admins have a huge role to play in executing and managing the activities and features. And so, the admins must have complete access to all the analytics and modules. Having an exclusive administrative portal for the admins to manage all their wellness program tasks will make it easy for them to carry them out and manage them. Likewise, employees must have an exclusive user portal for them to participate and carry out their daily wellness activities. Having a mobile version of the wellness program platform as a corporate wellness app will make it easier for employees to log and track their wellness activities, improving employee engagement.

8. Health Coaching Programs

Health coaching programs have become an important part of employee wellness programs. Credible health coaches study employee wellbeing from their health assessments and screening results, and suggest the best wellness plan to make sure they improve their overall wellbeing. However, for the coaches to interact with the employees, they must have access to user data and communicate with them. So, check with the wellness program providers what kind of access and features do they offer for the health coaches. Like, many wellness program providers offer an exclusive coaching portal for the wellness coaches so they can have complete access to user data and communicate with them well. Through the coaching portal, the coaches can study employee data, check their progress, and help them through their entire journey.

9. Tracking Tools and Features

If designing a workplace wellness program was daunting, understanding its progress and modifying it accordingly takes more effort. Incorporating corporate wellness technology that can help in tracking the progress and analyzing the outcomes can make it easier to understand the progress. The incentive tracking feature of the wellness platform must be flexible and configurable to support different incentives for the rewards program. Also, it must be capable of defining outcome and participation-based programs. In addition to incentive management, the wellness software must also support activity tracking. While the employees must be able to log and track their daily activities and wellness challenges, the admins must be able to track the progress and engagement.

10. Other Wellness Platform Features

In addition to these above features, a well-designed wellness platform must be equipped with the best corporate wellness technology to support many other factors for better employee engagement and user experience.

  • Multi-lingual Capabilities – Only when employees are comfortable and find it feasible, the wellness platform and programs will be a success. As diversity and inclusion have become a major part of workplace culture, the platform and program features need to be available with multi-lingual capabilities. It can improve employee engagement, and the users can feel at ease if the wellness activities are available in a language they are personally comfortable with.
  • Outstanding Customer Support – All technology-based activities and platforms come with certain technical glitches and issues. Even if they are built by experts using advanced technology, they may still have troubles once in a while. Although the admins may be aware of dealing with issues during the training sessions of the program implementation, they might have concerns or other queries. Having a customer support team of the wellness program provider that is available round the clock to resolve client queries at the earliest is vital.

Employee wellness programs have become a necessity, and to make sure they support the best-suited features and deliver the right outcomes, they must be equipped with the latest corporate wellness technology and workplace wellness software.

So, check all the pointers about the corporate wellness technology, the credibility of the wellness program vendors, and other features of the employee wellness programs before making the big decisions.

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