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fun wellness challenges for better workplace culture

The recent coronavirus pandemic has affected employee health and wellbeing due to social isolation, heavy workload, and uncertainties. In addition to impacting physical and mental health, even social wellbeing and workplace productivity have swayed. And so, it has become very important to build a sense of social connection to create a healthy workplace culture, especially in the virtual world.

A study by Achievers, the popular workplace recognition platform, showed that almost 33% of employees felt disconnected from their workplace culture and colleagues. According to Principles, a people management software company, around 31% of HR managers were seriously concerned about their employee’s social health and communications during the pandemic.

Experts suggest the lack of communication and team bonding can lead to employee disengagement, reducing productivity and affecting the workplace culture. Although it may be difficult to step back during the peak challenging times, employers must make amends to their working policies and employee wellbeing initiatives to increase trust, motivation, and workplace engagement.

Many studies have proven that employee health and wellbeing were affected during the pandemic. Be it their struggle to have a proper work-life balance causing burnout, or the stress of uncertainties and multiple responsibilities, many had to face a lot of conflicts in their daily life. Many also found it difficult to disconnect themselves from work, even after working hours, giving them little time for themselves or to interact with family or co-workers on a lighter note.

When employees did not engage in fun activities and interact with their friends or coworkers, it resulted in moodiness and frustration. Experts suggested that the simple way for employees to overcome these issues was to “be normal’ – interact with friends, family, and coworkers, be playful, and hone their creativity with fun activities and hobbies.

How Employers Can Help?

Since poor health and wellbeing impacts employee engagement, productivity, and workplace culture, while increasing healthcare costs and absenteeism, employers are making real efforts to address these issues.

One of the best ways is by including fun activities and wellness challenges in the employee wellness programs. Employers can incorporate holistic wellness challenge ideas into their workplace programs to motivate employees. While these challenges and activities help employees cultivate healthy habits in the long run, in the short term, it relieves stress. Also, team wellness challenges can encourage communication amongst coworkers, fostering stronger teams and healthy workplace culture.

When employees interact with each other well over their hobbies and challenges, it becomes easier for them to communicate over work too, following higher engagement, productivity, and positive workplace culture. Also, social wellness reflects better mental health, thus improving overall wellbeing too. offers plenty of wellness challenge ideas that focus on holistic wellbeing and also encourage building stronger teams. Delivered through a well-designed wellness platform, the employee wellness programs are a sure shot at boosting employee engagement and improving your workplace culture.

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