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Remote working and flexible working hours have always been on the top of the workplace wellness charts as they help employees find their work-life balance, in turn, boosting employee engagement and overall organizational productivity. While a few organizations did enforce these employee wellness policies, a few companies were not sure if it would work out for them.

However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic virus spreading rapidly across the globe, the WHO (World Health Organization), and other wellness organizations have concluded social distancing as a proven way to decrease the severity of the viral spread. To support this prevention measure and uphold good employee engagement and wellness, many companies have asked their workforce to work remotely in a bid to avoid getting out of their houses.

However, this situation seems to be adversely impacting many employees as the lockdown has imposed multiple responsibilities on them. With everyone staying back at home, it becomes tedious to keep up with the panic of the virus, essential household chores, and completing the workplace tasks on time. And if there are pets and kids at home, the commitments are even more worrisome. Also, the lack of physical activity may be a concern as it may hinder their everyday routine of staying healthy and fit.

In this blog, we talk about a few ways that boost employee engagement and health, along with organizational productivity, even during this lockdown period.

Physical Activity and Exercise

With people forced to stay back at their homes and not get out, the physical activity routines like going for a brisk walk, riding the bike, playing outdoor sports, swimming, or going to the gym have all been ceased temporarily. However, to ensure the right step count and enough body movement, employees can take a walk in their porch or terrace, ride the bike in the parking while maintaining a social distance, do yoga and simple exercises at home like planks, squats, and lunges, dance for a few minutes, or even clean the whole home, to burn calories and also gain many wellness benefits.

Nutrition for Health Benefits

It could be quite stressful staying at home all day, and indulging in unhealthy food is one of the easiest stressbusters. Encourage your employees to plan nutritious diet plans and make healthy eating choices. Start a group discussion where the employees share their daily menu with pictures, recipes, and tips to inspire healthy eating during this lockdown period. If possible, ask your employees to start the healthy eating wellness challenges offered through the corporate wellness programs of

Emotional Wellbeing

In addition to the coronavirus fear gripping on the mind, getting the other jobs done on time adds up to the stress and anxiousness, affecting the mental wellness of people. Employers can take steps to reduce this mental pressure by staying in touch with the employees and ask them genuinely about their concerns, helping them with better work-life balance. Also, the management can share podcasts or wellness challenges to help with stress management, assuring mental wellness.

Employee Engagement

Simply put, employee engagement is the commitment of the workforce towards their organization, work, and goals. This engagement can be increased when the employers put efforts to guide and manage their team with the right leadership skills, thus increasing the level of trust and ingenuity of the employees. Holding regular video conferences and checking up personally with the employees about their concerns and work updates is sure to boost employee engagement, and in turn, employee productivity too.

Furthermore, there are many factors which the employees need to take care of, like – sleep, lifestyle habits including smoking and alcohol, and other wellness aspects that help avoid procrastination and contribute towards attaining holistic wellness.

At, we understand the need to stay healthy all the time, and at such times of global despair, we must take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and people who matter to us.

To help you encourage better employee engagement and health, reflecting in better organizational productivity, our corporate wellness programs offer tailor-made challenges and activities that focus on various wellness aspects, including diet, stress management, physical fitness, and mental wellness.

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Assign any wellness challenge you feel will help your employees, or have them choose the one that suits their interests to stay healthy during the lockdown period. 

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