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corporate wellness technology for employee engagement

The remote working situation has reduced physical activity, made it easy to indulge in unhealthy eating habits, and increased stress levels. All these behaviors have affected the physical and mental wellbeing of many across the globe. Poor employee health and wellbeing have impacted their workplace engagement and productivity.

And so, employers are now looking to promote healthy behaviors at their workplaces by implementing corporate wellness programs.

Comprehensive corporate wellness programs focus on holistic wellbeing dimensions, and so, they incorporate many different modules, resources, and tools. While it can be exciting in the beginning, employees may lose interest gradually if the wellness challenges are monotonous or if nothing is exciting.

Incentivizing the corporate wellness programs, their wellness challenges, and other activities can encourage employees to keep up with their journey. Since the remote working situation has made it difficult to offer on-site incentives, employers must bridge the gap by incorporating the right workplace wellness software and wellness technology to motivate remote workers too.

Using Wellness Technology for Employee Wellbeing

Corporate wellness technology has become a powerful tool that can boost employee engagement and drive workplace wellness programs to success. Apart from offering a robust wellness program platform, workplace wellness programs also incorporate gamification approaches for wellness challenges, rewards, coaching programs, and more, to boost employee engagement. 

Here are some ways by which organizations can implement corporate wellness technology to ensure employee wellbeing and motivate them through their wellbeing journey. 

Normalizing Flexible Working Schedules

The remote working situation has made it difficult for employees to manage all their responsibilities simultaneously. Flexible working schedules allow them to work remotely at their convenience, reflecting better productivity and lower absenteeism rates. Additionally, offering online exercise or yoga sessions through the wellness program platform also lets them take care of their physical health when they are comfortable with it.

Employee Wellness Platforms

Comprehensive corporate wellness programs include plenty of activities, tools, and processes. It can become hectic for the program administrators to manage the modules suitably to bring in the anticipated wellbeing outcomes. Similarly, employees can also find it difficult to manage their work and wellbeing activities if it is not organized well. Having a well-designed employee wellness platform can make it easy for the administrators to execute and manage the entire program, and for the employees to carry out their wellness tasks easily.

When equipped with modern wellness technology, the employee wellness platform can make it convenient for employees to participate in wellness challenges, log their daily wellness activities, sync their fitness device or app, and track their wellness program progress. Such convenience and ease-of-use can boost employee engagement of the corporate wellness programs. Also, the latest workplace wellness software offers customization and white-label wellness platform options, improving company branding, along with better data security.

Corporate Wellness Apps

The growing digital health and wellness technology has made it possible to build a corporate wellness app that can be the mobile version of the workplace wellness platforms. The wellness software can support wellness activities like tracking step count, calorie intake, calorie burnt, quality of sleep, water intake, track rewards, take assessments, participate in wellness challenges, and more – from anywhere, at any time.

Digital Health Solutions and Telemedicine

The pandemic has normalized digital health solutions, telemedicine, and virtual healthcare. Offering online consultations with physicians can help them prevent healthcare delays and access quality medical care from anywhere at any point in time. Also, offering virtual health coaching programs can provide the required guidance and motivation to design a suitable wellness plan and guide through the entire journey.

In addition to providing the best-suited digital health and wellness technology, it is also important to improve the workplace ambiance to improve employee engagement and workplace culture. Replacing old furniture with ergonomic chairs and standing desks are a trending way to promote employee health and wellbeing at the workplace. These adjustable and comfortable workstations are known to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in employees, improving their focus and productivity.

Public Health Canada report showed that improving employee physical health can improve employee productivity by at least 15%. Also, unhealthy behaviors, including a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc., are the key cause of chronic health diseases like diabetes, stroke, cancer, and almost 4 – 5 million deaths annually.

If employers take the right steps to promote healthy behaviors through their corporate wellness programs and by incorporating digital health and wellness technology, it can boost employee wellbeing, workplace engagement, and overall productivity, reflecting overall business growth.

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