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Employee engagement is the key to the success of a well-designed corporate wellness program.

Just investing in a wellness program is never enough. For the wellness program to bring in the desired outcomes, the employees must be aware of the existence of the corporate wellness program and all its modules. Also, they must understand its importance, find it easy to participate, and engage readily.

In addition to boosting employee engagement, it is crucial to establish a positive and healthy workplace culture, which can benefit the company on many different levels –

  • Emphasizes the importance of employee health and wellness.
  • Lays the foundation for a healthy working community and stronger teams.
  • Reduces absenteeism rates and improves employee productivity.
  • Improves job satisfaction, boosts employee retention rates, and reduces healthcare costs.

Here are a few pointers to consider for establishing a healthy workplace culture and boost engagement.

Educating Employees about the Wellness Program

For employee engagement to thrive in the corporate wellness program, your employees must be first aware of its existence. Communicate the value of the program, how to participate in it, and run them through all the touchpoints and the employee wellness program modules, like the health assessments, rewards, push notifications, real-time reporting, device integration, and more. Put to use your marketing strategies and ensure all the vital information about the program reaches all your employees. Send emails, put up posters, hold meetings, or do anything that spreads the right message.

Personalized Wellbeing Program

Most employees may not see the value of the wellbeing program at the start. They may also feel that since all the employees are offered the same resources, it might not be very helpful for them as individuals. This is why it is important to offer personalized wellbeing programs where employee interests and wellness needs are considered and implemented.

Employers can take employee surveys to seek feedback and know their health and wellness demands. When the employees know that their interests are being considered and the wellbeing program will offer them direct health benefits, they are bound to participate and engage more readily. Offer rewards and incentives to lure the workforce to participate in wellness activities. Once they realize the health benefits it is offering, they will engage for their personal wellbeing.

Demonstrate Transparency

Anything starting new will come with questions and doubts. Also, with people preferring to lead private lives, they may hesitate to divulge their personal information. This could be one of the major reasons for most employees not participating in corporate wellness programs.

Define the steps and security measures of the program to build a culture of trust with the workforce. Demonstrate the various modules like disease prevention, health coaching, and others, along with a cohesive communication plan to assure the employees about the privacy of their information and the transparency of the wellness program. Explain them the HIPAA compliancy of the wellbeing program and string in other multiple point solutions and demonstrate it for the employees to trust the system completely.

Employees may be initially hesitant to take the health assessment or participate in wellness challenges. For such individuals, line up other options like – health coaching, seminars, online resources, and health awareness modules to that improve employee holistic wellbeing.

Make sure the strategies of your corporate wellness program are aligned with the underlying company policies and workplace culture.

Most importantly, choose the right wellness vendor who offers customizable options to personalize your workplace wellness programs as per your workforce’s requirements. Also, ensure you have a robust and scalable wellness platform built with the latest wellness technology for long-term flexibility and ease.

When implemented together with the right employee engagement strategies, the employee wellness program is bound to be a success boosting organizational productivity and workplace wellness.

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