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Simply put, ‘Workplace Burnout’ is a syndrome that is caused by stress at the workplace and causes physical and mental exhaustion to the employees, affecting their efficiency, health, and productivity. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified Burnout to be an occupational phenomenon that is caused by persistent workplace stress, leading to various adverse consequences at work, including decreased employee productivity and business ROI.

Workplace Burnout – Why Is It Caused?

When employees are unclear about their role and responsibility at their workplace, they lack the decision-making ability and resources to carry out their tasks efficiently, which influences their performance and quality of work, causing stress. Also, a monotonous job or a chaotic work environment with dysfunctional dynamics among the employees and the employers leading to isolation at work, lack of socializing, or a work-life imbalance, are other major reasons causing stress. And, stress at work in the long-run causes the burnout syndrome.

Many studies have revealed that the primary causes of burnout issues are the ones that are under the HR and administration’s control.

These reasons contributed heavily to the employees leaving their jobs for better opportunities, increasing the workforce turnover record. More than 40% of the HR managers of various organization sizes said that half of their annual workforce turnover reason was due to the burnout issues.

Addressing Burnout Syndrome With Wellness Programs

Typical symptoms like continued exhaustion, fatigue, lack of interest at work, cynicism towards co-workers, insomnia, constant irritability, frequent headaches, stomach disorders, and more, leading to decreased competency at work and fall in potency are signs of possible workplace burnout. Since the burnout and these health issues cause many other chronic disorders in the future, many organizations have started taking steps to address and resolve the burnout syndrome concern.

Approaching the burnout syndrome with strategies to improve employee engagement and health that resonates with enhanced organizational productivity and better ROI is the key to recuperate from the burnout-related concerns and to create a culture of wellness at work.

Corporate wellness programs help in building engagement in between the employees improving communication and socializing skills, and help them adopt positive lifestyle habits including healthy eating, exercising, and other activities aiming to boost the overall wellbeing of the workers. Our is a corporate wellness portal that offers medically-proven wellness programs at work that offer many health benefits and focus on improving the holistic wellness of employees to improve workplace health and organizational productivity.

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