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The last decade has seen employers emphasizing employee wellness with employee wellness programs and other wellbeing initiatives. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, employee wellbeing has become a top priority for many organizations as it was evident to affect workplace productivity and business growth.

Employee wellness programs are now being structured to meet the specific health and wellness demands of the workforce. The wellbeing program modules are being designed in line with the latest employee wellness trends. To make sure the wellness programs are flexible and scalable to meet the unique demands, it is vital to have a state-of-art corporate wellness platform, like that from

Corporate wellness platforms are web-based digital health tools that help in running and managing the entire employee wellness program. As corporate wellness technology is advancing and becoming sophisticated, the corporate wellness platforms are having their mobile counterpart – the corporate wellness apps play a major role in the employee wellness programs.

How Employee Wellness Apps Work For The Employees?

As wellness programs include many different wellness initiatives, features, and activities, it becomes difficult for the program administrators to manage it smoothly without a proper management system. Also, employees are so busy with their everyday works that they do not find time to log into a web portal for their health and wellness activities. A corporate wellness app makes it easy for employees to carry on with the health and wellness activities from anywhere, anytime.

In our previous blog, we shared valuable information about the benefits of corporate wellness apps on employee wellness programs. The most common benefits of having a well-designed corporate wellness app for employee wellness programs include –

  • Improves Employee Health and Wellbeing
  • Actively Track Employee Wellness
  • Carry Health Risk Assessments
  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Boost Employee Engagement

Apart from improving employee engagement and reducing healthcare costs, the workplace wellness programs benefits employees in many other ways, like –

Creating Awareness about Employees Health and Wellbeing

Most employees are not aware that they have health issues until it gets serious, and many others are aware that they are leading an unhealthy life but do not know from where to start the change. Workplace wellness programs conduct health risk assessments and biometric screenings that give an insight into the status of employee health and wellbeing. Depending on the outcomes and potential risk factors, they are recommended certain disease management programs, wellness challenges, health coaching, and more to ensure they improve their health and wellbeing. Well-designed employee wellness apps allow taking health risk assessments and log screening results to give an overall assessment of employee health status.

Holistic Wellness Challenges Ideas

Employees are often hustling and finding it difficult to have a work-life balance. With such time constraints, they do not have time to spare for their health and wellness. Employee wellness programs offer different holistic wellness challenges ideas and healthy habit programs, which can help in improving their overall health and wellness. As it is offered by their organization and the entire workplace is involved, it becomes a part of their workplace routine. Right from focusing on healthy eating and exercising daily, to working on financial wellness and social wellbeing, the corporate wellness challenges can help in different wellness dimensions. Making it a fun activity can also increase employee engagement while improving employee wellness. Employee wellbeing apps can help employees in participating, logging, tracking, and completing their wellness challenges easily.

Earn and Redeem Rewards and Incentives

Rewards and incentives are an integral part of the corporate wellness programs, and they are also effective employee engagement strategies. Program administrators can set the rewards as participation-based or outcome-based. A well-planned and dependable workplace wellness app can help employees in earning the rewards, tracking them, and redeeming the incentives. While earning rewards boost participation, having a mobile app allow them to do so adds to their convenience and motivation.

All-in-One Employee Wellness Solutions

Corporate wellness programs are comprehensive employee wellness solutions, and a good wellness platform can help in managing it all in a single place. Well-designed corporate wellness apps are the exact replicas of their wellness program platform that allow carrying out all the wellbeing program’s tasks like it can be done on the web-based platform. And so, the corporate wellness apps must accommodate wellness software and technology for calorie count, step count, hydration tracker, sleep tracker, discussions, coaching, wellness challenges, rewards, reports, and so much more of the employee wellness programs – all in a single mobile app.

The digitalization era has made almost everything easier, convenient, and comfortable for employees and employers. Corporate wellness apps and wellbeing platforms are probably one of the greatest contributions to the corporate wellness industry. And making use of it to their best intensity can help boost employee health and wellbeing, along with increasing workplace productivity and business growth.

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