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Perking up your mind and body is one way to stay on top of your life game and at work, while deriving all the wellness benefits. However, to have your body optimized to stay healthy, you have to take on it with a systematic approach wherein you have to work on different bodily functions of sleep, nutrition, and fitness – to make it work as a whole, in coordination, to improve your longevity and gain holistic wellness.

Your mom, grandma, doctors, gym trainers, or even the internet and newspapers are dwelling with the concept of eating healthy and working out well to stay fit and active. You are probably following it, still, feel sluggish throughout the day, get tired very quickly, and are not able to lose the extra pounds which you should have lost with your diet and exercise.

The missing piece of the puzzle could be – SLEEP!

Sleep, Diet, Exercise – together are important to have a balanced and healthy body that functions well and keeps you in the pink of your health.

Eat Well For Health Benefits

Time and again, we hear that eating healthy food is important to live a fulfilled life that is less prone to illness, and this conception stands true since healthy food provide the needed nutrients to keep the body strong and active. A Harvard Business Review said that what you eat affects your productivity at work – which may leave an impact on your overall health. Research shows that people who ate fruits and vegetables were more likely to stay happy, rather than the ones who consumed high-fat foods. So, include different food groups in your meals, cut down on sugar and fatty foods, consume lean proteins, snack healthy options, and keep an eye on your calories.

Exercise For Better Health

The word ‘exercise’ is usually associated with people who are looking to lose weight. However, unlike the stereotypical apprehension, the fact is that exercise, and physical activity is important for every single person who wishes to live a fit and healthy life. Experts suggest at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week needs to be allowed towards exercise and physical activity, which may include aerobic exercises, weight training, yoga, walking, running, sports, etc. Regular exercise burns calories, improves flexibility, relieves stress & anxiety, and offers many other wellness benefits.

Sleep Wellness And Health

The most undervalued, yet as important as nutrition and exercise, sleep is the bedrock to living an active, healthy, and fulfilled life. Studies reveal adults need to have at least 8 hours of sound sleep every night to stay healthy in the long run. Sleep deprivation has been linked to various health disorders including – high blood pressure levels, high-stress levels, lower focus & concentration skills, sluggish behavior, constant fatigue, headaches, and in the more serious cases, it may lead to anxiety, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and more. If needed, use aromatherapy, exercise, meditate, or consume sleep-inducing foods to help sleep better.

Apart from the food, physical activity, and sleep, many other factors like – lifestyle habits, cognition, social life, financial situation, personal life situations, and more, play a major role in the overall health and longevity of the individual. When all these aspects are regulated on the right track, they contribute towards achieving holistic wellness.

With the rising awareness about these wellness factors, most businesses have started to incorporate the best fitting wellness challenges into their employee wellness programs to improve employee engagement and health, while making the wellness program a success.

At, we understand the importance of keeping all the wellness factors in check to live a contented and healthy life, and so, the wellness challenges of our corporate wellness programs focus on various activities that help in overall growth of the employees, enhancing the culture of health while promoting workplace wellness, improving organizational productivity.

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