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Are you feeling hopeless, sad or joyless? If yes, then you are not only one in the world, because one out of nine men & one out of five women experience depression in different forms. Some of them easily rebound from this feeling in shorter period of time, but rest people continue their struggle to fight with depression and require specialist’s consultation to come out from it.

Medication & talk therapy are considered ideal clinical options to overcome depression and feel better. Get an in-depth glimpse over some other preventive options:

  • INCLUDE NUTRITION IN MEAL: You should intake unrefined yet healthy foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Besides this, try to include some fat in your diet like omega-3 fats. High vitamin foods make people healthier, so when you buy packed food, you must keep nutrition’s fact label in mind in order to check out its serving size, calories, cholesterol, protein, fat amount, sugar and sodium. Having right amount of calories is indispensable to reduce depression, control weight. Hence, become it part of your daily diet to live healthy with good mental health.
  • AVOID CARBS & SUGAR: However, carbs & sugar quickly charge body and become it more energetic, but there is another fact as well for sugary food that these may leave you in more depression, which you have never experienced before. The same fact is applicable on alcohol, caffeine, drug, & smoke.
  • Exercise: Depression is a kind of dead-ended energy to grab the desired energy again and the vital step is to get regular exercise of at least 30 minutes. According to expert studies, exercise is a perfect weapon to fight with depression and improve mood.
  • Keep Mind Engaged: You can keep the mind in active mode by reading books, learning some musical instruments and solving cross puzzles. This process helps people change their focus and prevent against any sort of sadness or blocking, called depression.
  • Be Social Rather Than Isolated: You should endeavor to spend time among group of friends or social networks, in playing games or dancing to be happier and control depression.

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