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The New Year Resolution trend does not seem to fade, and people continue making new resolutions at the start of every New Year. And in the wave of excitement, many even splurge their money on buying new fitness equipment, a gym membership, and other ways where they spend a lot to work on their resolutions. But how many of them actually follow them diligently?

The same is the case with employee wellness programs too!

Most companies know it is a trend to offer workplace wellness initiatives to appeal to the employees and improve organizational productivity and provide them. However, how many of them ensure successful employee engagement and positive outcomes?

A study by the US Department of Labor reported that although 90% of employers with employee strength of more than 50,000, and 50% of employers with at least 50 employees were offering some form of a corporate wellness program. Sadly, these programs recorded a meager 40% employee engagement and participation.

Regardless of the best intentions to improve employee health and workplace wellness, most wellness programs go underutilized. So, how do you make sure that your corporate wellness initiatives serve their purpose well, giving the best positive outcomes?

In this blog, we give you a gist of the 3 vital cues to help improve employee participation in the wellness programs.

Workplace Culture

In short, workplace culture is a term associated with the values, goals, and practices of the company, along with the perspectives of the employees. Right from the CEO of the company to the lowest grade employee – their approach to work and their colleagues, all play a major role in laying the foundation for the workplace culture. And, if you wish to have a positive culture of health at your company, you need to plan and execute the culture codes accordingly.

With almost 53% of employees citing lack of support from their employers and other troubles as the primary reasons to stay away from participating in the wellness programs, it is high time employers get into the field themselves to motivate their employees.

The employers can take adequate steps to improve employee participation and workplace culture through their wellness programs, like –

  • Taking part in the wellness challenges themselves.
  • Offering healthy free meals and snacks.
  • Encouraging the workers upon milestone achievements
  • Allowing periodic breaks to stretch, walk, or meditate.

Communication And Interaction

A survey report cited that 60% of employees either did not know their company offered an employee wellness program or were not familiar with how it would help them – which restrained them for participating in it.

The key is to communicate about the wellness program, and its details, along with the benefits to convey the message to the employee and also urge them to participate in it.

At, our wellness platform is designed to allow you to send timely email notifications or announcements on the user portal dashboard with the existing templates by adding the needed wellness challenge details, to the suitable users from the distribution list.

Depending on your company culture and requirements, you can also use flyers or posts on boards. An effective way to grab the employee’s attention is to make these communication strategies visually appealing and motivating while keeping the message relevant.

Rewards And Incentives

Although offering wellness programs itself is an incentive, sometimes you need to offer material rewards to urge the employees to participate in the program. And since the wellness challenges and activities call for a change in their habits and lifestyle, their efforts need to be appreciated with a reward.

Choose your rewards and incentives wisely by considering 2 major pointers.

  • Know Your Budget – Everything depends on your budget and how much you are ready to allocate comfortably for employee rewards. Be it a gym membership, an overseas trip for two, a cash reward, or just a paid day off – whatever be the reward, make sure it fits well to your company’s needs and budget.
  • Know Their Interests – Offering rewards that interest the employees is important. If you offer the same old incentives or rewards that do not match or meet the expectations of the employees, they are not going to work for it. Understand your audience, their interests, and wellness needs to set the right rewards and incentives.

At, our wellness programs come with 3 in-built incentive options – eGift cards, merchandise offers, and reimbursement. Have it transferred to your HSA or redeem them as you wish, rewards management is easy as pie with our wellness platform.

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