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Amidst the unprecedented hard times caused due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is comforting to see many corporate organizations mending their policies to meet the social challenges and help with better employee wellness and safety.

With the entire family locked down at home, people are finding it difficult to handle too many responsibilities while working remotely. The pressure of completing the household chores, managing the kids and pets, and meeting the work deadlines is stressing out employees, which in turn, impacts their work outcomes and organizational productivity.

How you respond and approach your employees at such uncertain times plays a major role in employee engagement, loyalty, workplace wellness culture, and productivity for a long time.

Currently, employee wellness and their family wellbeing, job security, and financial certainty are their biggest concerns. By addressing these fears effectively, employers can become a strong support system for their employees, which, in turn, will positively help their business in the long run.

Many companies are advising their employees to adopt simple precautionary measures during this lockdown period to keep up with the physical and mental upbeat.

As an employer, you can also boost your employee health and help them focus on their holistic wellness by roping in the right employee wellness programs.

Here are 5 ways you can leverage your corporate wellness platform to boost employee health, engagement, and productivity.

Design the right wellness program

Consider the tasks assigned to your workforce and schedule communications and meetings to discuss the company’s plans to safeguard employee health during this COVID-19 situation, and support them to handle their responsibilities while they are working remotely to complete their tasks.

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Educate Them About The Facts

There is a lot of news coming out every day about the COVID-19 updates, of which most of them seem fake and contain unreliable recommendations. To help your workforce get the right information about the coronavirus updates and about their wellbeing advice, it is important to guide them with the facts and the right measures that offer the best health benefits.

COVID-19 information and updates from reliable sources

Encourage Adopting Healthy Habits

At such times of physical and mental anguish, it is important to work on overall wellbeing, with the primary 3 factors to focus being – diet, physical activity, and mental wellbeing. Also, help your employees fight the coronavirus by practicing simple precautions like – washing hands frequently, disinfecting frequently touched objects, and maintaining self-hygiene.

Tips to handle mental stress during COVID-19

Fun with Suitable Wellness Challenges

Launch suitable wellness challenges that intend to keep your employees engaged, physically fit, and mentally active while working remotely. Be it for daily healthy cooking, stress management, exercising, or for better sleep, make sure it offers the right wellness benefits to your workforce. More importantly, create excitement through the challenge by asking them to post social pictures, recipes, or videos of their healthy habits.

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Seek Feedback

As an employer, you might be putting in your efforts to make things easier for your workforce at times of social distancing and COVID-19 anxiety. But is what you are doing helping them? The best way to know is to seek feedback from them and know better about their needs and interests. This will not just provide you with the right insights, but will also boost employee morale and trust in their employer, helping with better employee engagement and stronger employee-employer relationship.

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