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With the corona virus COVID-19 pandemic enforcing millions of Americans and other people globally to follow social distancing as an effective mode to prevent the rapid spreading of the virus, many employers have asked their workforce to work remotely, citing employee wellness, safety, and good health as their primary concern. However, instead of rejoicing the long work-from-home option, the story is slightly different from the employee’s perspectives.

The self-isolation and lockdown with strict instructions not to get out of home seems to be getting to the nerves of many people as their routines have been changed with having to manage multiple responsibilities at hand, at the same time. Right from the 24/7 access to the pantry and kitchen with no external physical activity or social connection, to meeting work deadlines while catering to the kids and pets might be quite stressful, affecting the mental peace and overall employee wellness.

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If you are one of those concerned employers who have offered remote working options to safeguard their employee health, here are a few more tips that can help you and your workforce to cope with the mental stress of the lockdown.

Plan And Stick To A Routine

Sit down with the family and jot down a plan for the next week or for the next day. Plan the menu, the household chores, and other responsibilities, and allot specific time slots to them so all the tasks are organized and completed on time. Give enough buffer time to each task so that there is no need to rush or falter with a mismatched timing. Set times for cooking, eating, exercising, and sleeping, as it will have the tasks set well and the mind will be at peace, keeping stress at bay.

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Take Time To Declutter

Take advantage of this extra time coming with this lockdown to declutter and clean the home. Clean the closets and pick out things which are not of use, and donate to any non-profit organization. Decluttering not only creates extra space, but also cleans the home of any dust, preventing infections. Also, with the extra space giving a cleaner look, the mind is tricked into feeling good too, reducing stress and giving a sense of accomplishment.

Get Started With Your Hobbies

With the daily hustles giving no time for our personal likes and activities, many people have given up on their favorite hobbies due to lack of time. This not makes them feel dissatisfied, but may also stress out many. Starting this lockdown period, set few minutes every day for your favorite hobby, and make it a part of your routine gradually. Be it weekly sports, gardening, reading a book, solving puzzles, baking, or cooking, just get started with it. The sense of satisfaction releases endorphins – the feel-good hormones which reduces stress.

Improve Social Connections

Although most people might stay in touch over the social media, many do not get to spend time with their loved ones. Despite the lockdown not being favorable to get out of home, it is high time one starts building healthy social connections with their near and dear ones. Pick the phone and make a call or a video call and talk to your family and friends. With a solid healthy relationship to back up, the mind can always be at peace without many worries or stress.

Time For A Healthy You

With the entire family at home, the responsibilities of handling the household chores, cooking for all, managing the kids and pets, and meeting the work deadlines could be very daunting to many. Stay calm and take out few minutes daily for yourself. Reading a book calmly with your morning cup of green tea, request a good massage from your kids or spouse, try aromatherapy at home with essential oils for relaxation, do yoga or meditation, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and cook healthy nutritious food.

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Although all these tips may sound reassuring to your employees, the most point for them to keep stress at bay is to assure them that they are important assets to the company. Send them a personalized message telling them they know how difficult it is for the employees to handle all their responsibilities at such times of worries, and that they are proud of them.

Such messages help in improving employee engagement, building trust for a loyal long-term work relationship, reflecting in better organizational productivity.

Take extra efforts to build a positive culture of health amongst your employees which will help your employees achieve holistic wellness, and improve workplace wellness.

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