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The rising competition and the need to stay ahead in the corporate race is putting tremendous pressure on the employers, which in turn stresses out the employees. To adapt to the rapidly changing business and corporate dynamics, employees are under constant obligation to perform well while sifting through all the hardship. The need for staunch results despite the mundane work and its underlying pressure is taking a toll on employee health, which is bound to affect organizational productivity and the overall workplace wellness.

Most organizations have now understood that building a corporate culture of health aiming at holistic wellness of the employee is the need of the hour, and this is apparent with the rising demand for corporate wellness programs that focus on improving employee engagement, holistic health, and overall workplace wellness. The practices to build a culture of health go way beyond the corporate wellbeing programs and beckon creating an ambiance that gives more importance to the personal values of the employees, making it a respectful workplace that boosts employee morale, and is reflected as improved employee productivity.

Here are 5 smart tips to build a culture of health for your company that will not just help improve the employee health and workplace wellness, but will also influence the organizational productivity.

Tailor-Made Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs are a great way of improving workplace wellness while incorporating employee engagement strategies and challenges that help improve the holistic wellness of the employees. However, it is vital that the right wellness challenges are put across as the irrelevant ones will not have the user participate in it. Corporate wellness program ideas that are custom-built to suit the health & fitness needs of your employees by considering factors like age, gender, etc., are far better than just any wellbeing program.

Corporate Rituals For Better Workplace Wellness

Making small changes to everyday corporate habits bring huge differences in the work culture. Simple practices like not working overtime, providing technology facilities to work from home, no emails or work discussions after work hours, sick leaves, vacation breaks, subsidized healthy eating modes, social gatherings or potlucks, short activity breaks in between work, etc., could go a long way in improving employee health, engagement, and productivity.

Leaders Set The Example

For the leaders and employers to connect with the employees directly and influencing their habits, is a great way of encouraging them to get into the flow of the culture. The managers and other higher executives are usually the employee’s idols and role-models, and what they follow, is followed by most. So, if the employers leave at 6 pm and make sure the employees leave at 6 pm too, it is a great way of building employee wellness as they get time for themselves outside work, and are back to work all refreshed the next day.

Interact, Know, And Applaud To Inspire More

Employees working in a positive atmosphere are bound to be more focused and more productive. Having a strong company culture that allows involving the employees for ideas, communicating with them, appreciating their performance, rewarding them enough accordingly, etc., boosts their morale, and in turn, their productivity.

Do Not Forget The Actual Purpose

A Forbes report says that by making the purpose clear, the employees are motivated to work more passionately. Be it to run the company, the need to start a wellness program, or anything else, the purpose of why it is important and how it is going to benefit the individual & the company has to be made clear to the employees with effective communication, to fuel them to work more efficiently and effectively.

A successful corporate culture of health is one that focuses & respects the employee’s core beliefs, and that has its roots deeply instilled within the organization. Incorporating practices that add value to the employees will positively influence the vision and mission of the company, enhancing workplace wellness, and thus, accelerating organizational productivity. With the entire organization working towards the same sense of purpose of promoting holistic wellness, the culture health thrives and the company flourishes.

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