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Employee wellbeing has become a top priority for many employers, and many of them are offering some type of employee wellness programs at their workplace.

Though many employers want to boost employee wellbeing by offering various employee wellness programs and wellbeing solutions, they often face many hurdles. Workplace financial constraints are one of the key reasons why employers are not able to offer workplace wellness programs of their choice to their employees.

At, we understand how important it is to ensure employee wellbeing, especially at such times of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also understand the efforts that go into developing workplace wellness programs that focus on holistic wellness dimensions, including financial and mental wellbeing. Being in the corporate wellness market, we are aware of the expertise, resources, and varieties needed to build a well-planned corporate wellness program.

And so, we offer endless employee wellness solutions to help employers to bridge the gap due to financial constraints and lack of resources and ensure employee wellbeing.

Here are some employee health and wellness solutions offered by for free to ensure financial constraints are never a reason to stop businesses from providing the right employee wellbeing programs.

1. Free Wellness Platform

Comprehensive corporate wellness programs provide many different employee wellbeing initiatives. All these wellness solutions must be organized well to be executed properly. Having a robust corporate wellness platform makes it easy for the employees and program administrators to participate, manage, and run the program smoothly. As the name suggests, offers a free wellness platform as a part of the free employee wellbeing programs to ensure proper management of all the offered modules. Our free wellness platform has been designed using the latest corporate wellness technology to make sure the entire program is executed and managed well.

2. Free Admin Portal

Though the employee wellness programs primarily focus on the health and wellbeing of the employees, the program administrators have a lot to do in running and managing the program modules. And so, well-planned wellness program vendors, like, offer an exclusive administrative portal for the program administrators to run, manage, and analyze the entire program. The program administrators of the client’s wellness team will have complete control of the self-service admin portal with a clear dashboard and simple navigation tools. Right from creating user eligibility files and challenges to tracking progress and evaluating outcomes, the program administrators can do it easily with the free admin portal.

3. Free Health Assessment

Health risk assessments are vital onboarding activities of well-planned corporate wellbeing programs. These health assessments help in understanding the current health status of the employees, along with their family history, medical history, lifestyle habits, and more. The outcomes of these health assessments can help in planning the right health and wellness modules, including wellness challenges or disease management programs, to make sure the best-suited wellness program activities and features are offered to the employees. We offer free health risk assessments through our free corporate wellbeing programs to ensure every employee has the chance to know about their health and wellness conditions, along with the changes they need to make for holistic health.

4. Free Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are an integral part of employee wellness programs. They add a fun and gamification element to boost employee engagement of the corporate wellbeing programs. Well-designed employee wellness programs, like that from, include corporate wellness challenge ideas that focus on the holistic health of the employees. The free wellness challenges help in building healthy habits and lead a life of holistic health, in a fun and engaging way.

Affordable Paid Health and Wellness Solutions

In addition to the free wellness programs, also offers paid premium health and wellness solutions. With many more corporate wellness program services, the paid plans come at a very affordable price. Along with the health assessment, wellness platform, admin portal, and the basic free wellness challenges, the paid wellness programs offer premium holistic wellness challenges, virtual wellness challenge ideas, Biometrics Integration, Customizations, Rewards Management, Devices Integration, Coaching Portal, Online Interventions, and many other features.

In addition to the paid full-service wellness programs, you can also opt for the ‘Enterprise Portal’ plan, which offers many other customizable and wellness platform security features.

Employee wellness programs have become the need of the hour, and so, many wellness program vendors are blooming in the market. However, to make sure you get the best wellness program modules and features for your wellness dollar investment, you must choose the right vendor by closely monitoring their offerings. At, you can avail of the free wellness programs to get an idea of how the employee wellness programs work and upgrade to affordable paid plans to ensure better employee wellbeing.

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