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Despite the coronavirus outbreak, many companies are planning to get back to their workplace routines after months of remote working. And, safety against COVID-19 infection is one of the primary concerns of many employers to safeguard employee wellness, prevent spread at the workplace, and to avoid any economic loss to the company. Although medical solutions like thermal screenings, antibody checks, and on-site medical care professionals have been suggested, it is quite expensive, and not practically useful for many small and medium-sized businesses.

Digital health approaches have been put forth by many health and wellness organizations, and they have been stated as more economic, effective, safe, and a scalable tool to help bring your employees back to the workplace, while monitoring their health and safety.

Return-to-workplace Issues for Employers

Undeterred by the rising coronavirus positive cases across the world, things seem to be getting back to normal as the remote working sessions and job losses have hit the global economy in many ways. Though the employers are reopening their businesses, there is always the fear of the employees getting infected. Despite the array of safety options available in the market, like – antibody/viral testing, protective wear, thermal screening, and more, each one comes with its pros and cons, and just one solution may not be effective on its own.

Another important pointer to consider is that each employee may have a different risk scenario = whom they live with, the spread risk in their location, how they travel to work, if they use a personal vehicle or public transport to commute, their immunity levels, their underlying medical conditions, and more. It is practically impossible for the employer to chalk out suitable solutions for each issue of individual employees, regarding COVID-19 management. And if there are thousands of employees in a company, it becomes a much daunting task.

Even if there is accessibility to run a few screening tests, say for 100 employees, how will the employer choose from all the employees for the testing?

Why Digital Health Modules?

The risks today related to safety from COVID-19 and overall employee wellness, come from various aspects, and a single solution will not be effective in such situations. Digital health modules offer versatile strategies that can help users identify what is safe or not for them, when they return to the workplace.

With so many solutions available at the same time, digital health platforms make it easy and effectual for all the users since they need help figuring out the best and safe practices while returning to work after a long remote working session. The right digital health solutions will not just guide the employees towards everyday safety, but will also boost their confidence in how they approach work after the long shift, via digital health.

Digital Health Solutions and Employee Wellness

Aiming at employee wellness and safety, employers can leverage the right digital health solutions by allowing the employees to take their own assessments, and report probable risks – if they are living with a COVID-19 positive victim, if they need to use the public transport, if they are at a higher risk of getting infected due to the location they live in, if they have any health ailments that may increase the risks of possible COVID-19 infection, and more. By knowing the outcomes of the assessments, the employers can work on a scalable way to work out on solutions to bring back the employees to the workplace, safely with low-risk chances.

A recent article stated that Buoy Health is working on workforce management solution with an assessment tool through which the employees can report symptoms and other risk factors, with which the employers can decide if it is safe to bring back the employees, who should continue working from home, and other aspects.

At, we have researched and put together facts and information from credible resources about COVID-19. To make it easier for the employers to work on the right solutions while returning to the workplace, we have created a COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool, which will be offered through our employee wellness programs, at no extra cost. The employees can take this assessment from anywhere, any number of times to know if they are at risk of possible coronavirus infection.

Focusing on various wellness dimensions, our corporate wellness programs help employers create workplace wellness, and with this COVID-19 self-assessment tool, we are going a mile ahead to make it easier for the employers to make wise decisions regarding employee health and safety, while returning to the workplace, amid the COVID-19 threat.

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