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Employee engagement is the key to workplace wellness and the success of corporate wellness programs. Studies show that a disengaged workforce can impact employee productivity and workplace culture, costing employers a lot. And so, employers are looking for different ways to boost employee engagement and support them at the workplace.

It has been evident that employee morale and confidence are closely associated with their workplace engagement and productivity. So, HR leaders and the management are working on supporting and appreciating their workforce, to satisfy them and improve workplace engagement.

One of the best ways to improve employee engagement is to personalize corporate wellness programs.

Offering best-suited employee wellness solutions that align with the beliefs, ideologies, and diversity of the employees can build stronger teams and create a positive workplace culture.       


Here are some simple ways to make employee wellness solutions more inclusive and personalized.

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

The COVID-19 pandemic has exhibited how minorities and the less acknowledged communities have faced more economic and financial crises. It was evident that the response, benefits, and support received by people varied based on their ethnicity, economic status, and household kinsmen. The most common SDOH categories include – economic stability, community and social wellness, neighborhood, healthcare system, and more. Studies show that SDOH insights can predict 80% of the overall health status, healthcare costs, morbidity, mortality, and everyday activity performance. The latest trends and insights of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), along with health assessments and other predictive analyses, can help in planning the best-suited employee benefits package and modules for the corporate wellness programs.

Easy Access to Wellness Resources

As the health and wellness needs of each employee vary, the one-size-fits-all approach will not work out for corporate wellness programs and employee benefits packages. Only when the employee wellness solutions and benefits packages fit well with their needs, employees will feel valued and satisfied, thus boosting employee engagement and satisfaction. Providing easy access to these employee wellness solutions, the different modules, educational resources, and other online interventions – all streamlined in a single workplace wellness platform or employee engagement app can be very effective. As does, the wellness platform must be flexible and scalable to accommodate a vast array of health and wellbeing resources, holistic wellness challenge ideas, incentives, and other features, to meet the specific wellness needs of the workforce.

Broad Communication for Better Outreach

Not everyone checks their emails or messages right away, and not all employees have a desk job with easy access to emails or messengers. And so, the communication channels at the workplace must be broad enough to reach out to the entire workforce at the right time. Studies show that when the communication is clear and far-extending, the performance can improve by 300%. Employers can implement multiple communication channels like emails, text messages, posters, IVR calls, internal messenger, push notifications, and other announcement ways for the information to reach out to all the employees on time and ensure they can access the communication channel at all times. And so, it is recommended to have multiple touchpoints for extended communication outreach for effective employee engagement of the workplace wellness programs, reflecting its success.

Supporting an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace Culture

The current employee generation contemplates having a diverse and inclusive workplace culture as it reflects the employer’s respect and value for their employee’s beliefs and ideologies. So, along with educating and supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, employers can also offer rewards and incentives as a part of the DEI training programs. With a motto of “Unity in Diversity”, employers can offer a holistic approach for a DEI workplace culture, which in turn, boosts employee engagement and morale.

The pandemic has turned the tables for many, and it was an awareness to take charge for better health and wellbeing. By offering corporate wellness programs that support a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, employers can make sure employees are happy and satisfied at the workplace, reflecting better employee engagement, enhanced workplace wellness, and overall business growth.

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